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About Our School



Our school was approved by the Ministry of Education and designed to provide the best courses in conversational skills both in Thai Courses and English Courses.


Many Thai people need good communicational skill in this international world we live in today.


All are teachers are trained to give the best teaching needed to have fun  also you will work by learning together what English can do for you in the future. Having the right training in this area is are business to give the best always.


For people coming to Thailand to live or work here. Are course in Thai can give you more understand of the Thai language with good training and fun learning you can enjoy living in Thailand by speaking the Thai with us.

Do you want to learn English for the TOEFL/TOEIC exam and college preparation or conversation classes? Interested in Business Communications or Advanced American, british, Austrilian studies? you just found the right place.


The Best Center For Your Needs School offer a wide rang of english and Thai language courses


Our English and Thai Courses are among the best in Thailand and are base on the letast methodologies for Learning a language

Conversation Classrooms


Air Condition Room, Hot and Cold water, Paper/Printer/TV and COMPUTER

Video TV Projector, Workbook, Course books provided, Modern utilities

Management Team

Mr. Ken

Managing Director

Mr. Lyle


Mr. Tim

Senior Coordinator

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